Tuesday, April 26, 2016

tending my yarn garden :)

I've had a hard time getting into this book, partly because I've been so busy that I've had little time for reading, partly because I'm so tired at night that my eyes are closing before I've even read a paragraph. I'm sticking with it, though, as I find the characters interesting and love the time period (pre-WWI).

My shawl knitting has been most enjoyable! Lovely fingering yarn created by Amanda (and I would link to her, but for some reason my laptop won't bring up her blog -- argh!). Several other projects are in the works, all of which are on my Ravelry page including that baby sock pattern that has been a bit neglected but will be ready for test knitting by the end of this week. Life!! I just don't like it when it gets in the way of my knitting! :)

Joining Ginny :)


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Monday, April 25, 2016

life lately...

Life has been so joyfully busy lately...

long walks
a family gather with four generations laughing on a sunny Saturday afternoon
planning for our Scotland trip
spending time with my sweet granddaughters
keeping up with our busy, growing electrical contracting business
sowing seed, weeding, transplanting, restructuring the vegetable garden
knitting and pattern design (exciting things are coming!!)
homeschooling, music lessons, and driver's ed
helping friends with a wedding (rehearsal dinner and reception)
keeping my family in clean clothes and health-fully fed in the midst of it all

My poor blog. You are so neglected!
But I'm not sorry at all...so much life to live, so many people to love!! :)

Feeling rather blessed this Monday morning,


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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

in which I attend a virtual baby shower...
{yarn along!}

How fun is this!?  A virtual baby shower for Ginny over at Tracey's...so glad you could join me! I've always wanted to visit South Carolina, and it looks like today is my lucky day!

What a blessing Ginny has been to the knitting community by weekly hosting the Yarn Along and sharing the beauty that is her life with us on her blog, Small Things. Thank you, Ginny!

And thank you, Tracey, for being such a gracious hostess! Everything is just lovely...the tea and oat cakes look deliciously wonderful. :)

My gifts? A hand made card, a round of homemade gentle lavender soap, an oh-so-soft handknitted washcloth, and a pair of handknit superwash merino wool socks (6-12 mo.) that will come in handy when we're on the other side of summer.

Joining Ginny & Tracey :)


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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

virtuous & radiant
{tending my yarn garden}

Reading this week has been somewhat slow. Our long weekend included lots of car time (great for knitting, not so much for reading), and I've been busy prepping our taxes for filing which finally happened last night -- yay! Still reading the book I shared in last week's Y.A. post, The Summer Before the War  by Helen Simonson. Virtuous by Nancy Wilson is an inspiring devotional that the ladies at church are studying together. I picked up Radiant while in Moscow last weekend. I plan to read through the 50 short biographies with AnnaLynn, one chapter per week, as inspiration to her (and me!) to boldly live out our faith.

Knitting has been primarily wee sock knitting. Many, many thanks to all who volunteered to test knit these for me; I promise to contact each of you early next week! For the four socks pictured, I used (from top to bottom): KPs Swish, Ginny's walnut-dyed merino, Cascade Yarns alpaca, and alpaca from Foothills Yarn (all worsted/light worsted). Notice the nice neutral colors? That's because we won't know if my dear daughter and son in law are having a boy or girl until the wee one is born! I'm actually super excited they've decided to wait. :)  That gorgeous skein of new yarn? A drive around the block looking for parking while in Moscow last weekend resulted in the discovery of a sweet little LYS: The Yarn Underground. I hadn't intended to buy any new yarn over the weekend, but how could I resist?

And you? What're you reading and crafting?

Joining Ginny :)


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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

to Moscow and back again...

What a whirlwind weekend, what an exciting weekend, what an emotional weekend!

A four day weekend? A rarity for us. This one was filled with an abundance of blue sky that made our 700 miles or so of driving rather pleasant. From home to Moscow and back again, we were treated to the varied, gorgeous scenery that makes up the Washington landscape -- the Cascades, the Columbia River Gorge, the high dessert, and the Palouse. We were treated to an amazing view of Mt. Hood while in the midst of the gorge. One thing that's evident once one is east of the Cascades is the expansive vistas due to the scarcity of trees. It seems that one can see forever, something we're not used to living in the midst of a Douglas fir forest.

Daniel's visit at New Saint Andrews convinced him that this was the place for him. He graduates from our homeschool at the end of May and will spend the next year taking classes at our local community college as well as online, and he'll be earning money, too. I'm thankful he wants to wait a year before going...lots to do to prepare, testing and applications and references, etc. Lots to keep my mind off the fact that he's grown up. A bittersweet blessing. So proud of him!

While in Moscow, we attended the 2016 Grace Agenda conference and a classic rock concert put on by the parents of children who attend Logos, a local classical Christian school. You can imagine my happiness when they played "More than a Feeling" by Boston (my favorite song)!! We ate wraps at the Moscow Alehouse, brats at Tapped, and our coffee was acquired at Bucer's.

Sunday morning was worship followed by the long drive home. We stopped for lunch at Panda, filled the gas tank, and made for the interstate where I was thankful to see a forested landscape once we entered the gorge. We stopped to enjoy a dish of ice cream with Jeff's family once we got back into town...couldn't pass up the opportunity to snuggle and laugh with the grandbabies!

I have a pair of wee socks to show for the trip as well as a skein of new fingering which I picked up at a local yarn shop in Moscow (will share in my yarn along post tomorrow!).

Better late than never to be weekending with Karen :)


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