Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tending my yarn garden...

With school starting, mountains of tomatoes to turn into sauce, and the rest of life to navigate, I have made little progress on either my brown baby cardi or my Silverstar wrap. :( 

But it's all good. We're leaving on Friday morning for a weekend road trip (will share on Monday) that will provide tons of car-knitting time since I won't be in the driver's seat. Lord willing, both these projects will be FO's by next Wednesday since both are close! Holiday knitting is calling, and new pattern ideas are demanding to be tried out -- time to make up some swatches! Honestly, I don't like swatching very much, but I'm forcing myself since I really think it helps. Do you swatch?

The Old Man and the Sea is the first of a long list of American literature selections we'll be reading this year... It's going to be a good year. I picked the Hemingway to start with since it's an easy read, and being a rather short story, a quick one to finish to give my AnnaLynn an early success. You may have noticed, if you follow my Yarn Along posts, that I'm not a big literature person...this is the year we hope to remedy that. I'm combining two literature resources this year: Teaching Language Arts through Literature's Gold Book which is based on American lit. and Omnibus III. Because I'll be reading along with Daniel and Anna, I needed to combine to be sure we were reading books that met all our interest levels. And despite early grumbles from my horse loving girl (who always has a horse book on her nightstand), she's actually liking our first pick! What resources do you or have you used for American lit?  :)

Before I sign off, I have to make sure you didn't miss my big announcement made earlier Chevron Cherub Wrap pattern is now available, and it's freeThanks for all the sweet comments, my friends!!

What's on your needles? What have you been reading?
Joining Ginny  :)


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Introducing the Chevron Cherub Wrap pattern!

Please pardon my tardiness in sharing the terrific news! My Chevron Cherub Wrap pattern is now available!! And it's FREE! I am so honored to have had my pattern published by KnitPicks!

above photos by me :)

and a few by KnitPicks (thank you!)

The Chevron Cherub Wrap is a beautifully striped, lightweight baby blanket made super soft with Knit Picks Cotlin DK yarn! Alternating colors on eyelet-laced chevron rows surrounded by a garter stitch border are created using stockinette stitch, yarn overs, and the central double decrease for skill building. Knit in monochromatic shades or contrasting colors, the stitch pattern is easily memorized while providing interest for the knitter.

Size: 32" wide x 29" long
Yarn: KnitPicks' CotLin DK Yarn
Yardage: 738
Needles: Size 5 (3.75mm) 24” circular needles

Find it on Ravelry in my pattern shop: Lisa's Yarn Garden or directly through KnitPicks!

Stay tuned for more pattern news coming soon! :)


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Monday, September 22, 2014

just because she is...

Daniel and AnnaLynn kinda love her. :)

Yep, that granddaughter of mine is walking! This morning I enjoyed a nice visit with my favorite one year old...we read stories. There's nothing like it when little ones bring you book after book after book! My heart simply overflows with love for my little sweetie. :)

See you Wednesday,


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In which we visit a rock quarry...


Saturday morning...

A beautiful half-hour drive north, a hot, windy, sunshiny day, a borrowed landscaping truck (thanks, Josh!), and the four of us working together...a perfect day.

I've never been to a rock quarry before and all I could think was "where's Fred Flintstone and Mr. Rubble?" Silly, I know. :)  The friendly quarryman showed us this massive pile of rocks from which to pick from.

We loaded just shy of two tons of rock with our own bare gloved hands, then we drove home, unloaded, and built this...

I know my arms and shoulders will be sore tomorrow (writing on Saturday night...). My hands are swollen from the heat and the lifting. But paying only a penny per pound to load and haul ourselves? That's only $20 per ton which was a price we could afford! We still need to order a couple yards of soil to fill the bed; existing plants will need to be dug up and replanted, but that will have to wait for another Saturday. Fall starts today which means rain is coming. In fact, it's supposed to rain beginning tomorrow for the rest of the week. Dan will plant grass seed this evening, and, Lord willing, we'll have a front lawn once again. Thankful for progress!

Sorry for this, but I couldn't resist...

Yabba Dabba Do!  :)


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Friday, September 19, 2014

when life gets busy...

Up to my ears in canning jars and laundry. Trying to keep up with the garden which is still giving us plenty of green beans, cukes, and carrots -- fall lettuces are on their way!  Monday was our first official homeschool day of the new school year, so I'm really having fun now. The kids are engaged and trying their best to adjust to routine after a long summer break, so I'm thankful. :) 

I'm on a huge learning curve when it comes to getting set up to officially have an employee. Our Daniel will be working one or two days each week with Dan as an electrical apprentice! But... The state makes it so, so easy hard! Argh! I spent half the morning online trying to figure out how to sign up for a "minor work permit endorsement" from the State of Washington. After I was sure I had no idea what I was doing, I logged off and emailed our attorney who agreed to do it for us. So thankful. Thankful for our CPA, too. I could not do this self-employed thing without either one.

Today was sunny and warm  -- the perfect weather for working in the garden! Now that's something I'm good at. :)  Here's what we harvested...

I guess I'll be doing some canning...

And one more thing before I go, so excited that our son-in-law is defending his doctoral thesis tomorrow bringing an end to three years at Oxford and various other locations around Europe. Say a prayer for a solid defense as well as for traveling mercies for him and our daughter as they prepare to move back to the states at the end of the month! So excited, I can barely stand it!

A blessed weekend to you all!


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